Get paid for driving traffic to our exclusive network of expert marketing freelancers. It’s easy, affordable, and scalable.

GrowTal is changing the way freelance marketers and brands work together. We simplify the hiring process and have the most comprehensive network of top marketing talent, which makes it easy for us to convert warm leads into paying clients. When we close deals, our affiliates earn money. It’s that easy.

Our marketers have worked with:

How it works

Finding top talent is a huge investment. Here’s how GrowTal is the easiest way to find the best growth marketer for your team:


Join as an Affiliate​

Our affiliate program is free, easy to join, and filled with marketing materials plus tools so you can drive converting traffic and earn top commissions every month.


Share GrowTal with your Target Audience

Digital marketing has grown exponentially so there is an expert for everyone. We have plenty of pre-vetted candidates waiting to take on projects and campaigns of all sizes.


Start Earning​

With our exclusive network of marketing experts in many areas of digital marketing it will be easy to post your links, promote GrowTal, and earn top dollar commissions. We have pre-vetted graphic designers, brand managers, paid social experts, SEO experts, and paid search experts with skills in all types of industries.

Check out the benefits

Maximum Earnings

With $500 per booked job and a vast network of high demand talent, it’s so easy to earn top sales commissions. Look for more earning opportunities as the GrowTal affiliate program grows.

Creative Resources

We provide a beautiful library of high-performing text links, banners, and videos that are refreshed often so you always have something exciting to talk about.

Dedicated Support Team

We know to be successful you need a program manager that is engaged and responsive. Once joined, you’ll experience easy and professional reporting plus affiliate marketing experts dedicated to the program to help you scale. We have two affiliate veterans that understand your needs!

Tech Savvy Affiliate Tools

Enjoy an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to manage and monitor campaigns. You can see your locking commissions in real-time, so it is easier to scale and plan ahead.

Why Else Become an Exclusive GrowTal Affiliate Partner?

We make it Easy with Transparent Pricing

We offer the latest and easiest way for freelancers to work with top brands yet maintain their independence as a contractor. Our pricing is transparent so there are no surprises through the process. We put all these pieces in place to make it easy to earn $500 per transaction.

We’re Nationwide

We operate in all 50 states and beyond. With the ease of connecting, we can match experts and brands from all over the country.

We Have an Expert for Everyone!

Whether the brand is looking for an SEO expert, content writer, paid social expert, CMO, or Google Ad Specialist we have someone for them. This again gives you a great conversion rate!

We are Open to Custom Programs and Unique Partnerships

Affiliate Marketing has evolved over the years and our team understands that one payout or program term does not fit all business relationships. We are open to new ideas and unique partnership ideas that can be customized for optimal results.

Ready to Scale and become a GrowTal Affiliate?