Ready for a program that pays for bringing clients to our exclusive network?
Be part of our growth and become a partner while earning the way you want. We make it easy with our premium B2B affiliate program that also lets you choose between a $500 flat upfront payout or a 15% recurring lifetime. Both programs are easy to use and filled with marketing materials and tools that will set you up for success

$500 Flat payout

If you are a B2B affiliate publisher this program is for you. It pays you upfront commissions for easy conversions. Powered by Impact, this program is free to join and allows you access to the most widely used affiliate technology in the industry.

15% recurring lifetime payout

If you want to become a GrowTal partner this B2B affiliate program pays over time and allows you to receive more revenue when your referral grows within the GrowTal platform. As the client adds more hours, new projects, or additional experts you still receive your rev-share on the entire invoice for the lifetime of the customer engagement.

15% recurring lifetime payout

If you love GrowTal because you are an expert or client and want to get paid for referring your colleagues to us join our ambassador program today. We will pay you a 15% recurring commission for life!

How it works


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Start Earning

Start earning as soon as you join no matter which program structure works best for you.

GrowTal's B2B Affiliate Program Works

Maximum Earnings

What makes this a B2B high ticket affiliate program? We are not afraid to pay you for helping us grow.

Whether you choose our $500 flat payout or choose to share 15% of our revenue you have untapped earning potential. Throughout the year, we offer challenges and additional ways to earn more.

Creative Resources

Affiliate programs need resources and we have stocked ours with a library of creative, copy, social, email templates, and more. We have Accelerator Packages that make it even easier to convert. These are a grab-and-go option with transparent pricing that can be purchased directly from our website and include an entire affiliate kit making it easy to grab your content and earn.

Dedicated Support Team

We know to be successful you need a program manager that is engaged, skilled and understands the B2B affiliate marketing landscape.

Our dedicated affiliate support team has years of experience in the space and expert knowledge in using their platforms. This means you get a support person that will help you scale fast.

Tech Savvy Affiliate Tools

Tools make it even easier to grow and we have top-of- line affiliate platforms for you to utilize. Any program commission you sign up for has a very intuitive dashboard, easy-to-read real-time reporting, and automatic payments so you can focus on growth. Grabbing your custom links and reviewing your referral progress is a breeze.

Don't miss out on growing with GrowTal affiliate partners!

We're Growing

Not to brag, but we grew 121% from 2021 to 2022 with no signs of slowing down. We have clients that have been with us since our launch 3 years ago.

We're Everywhere

Our model works everywhere so we are nationwide and global.

We're Affordable

Our pricing is fully transparent so clients can give us a budget and we can find an expert that meets their needs. We also just launched our brand new accelerator packages starting at $499 and cover our most requested marketing projects.

We Have an Expert for Everyone

We have a wide range of experts with different skill levels and industry experience. SEO, paid social, email marketing, and Google ads specialists tend to be our most requested but we have been able to fill roles up to a CMO.

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