A better way for you to find, hire, and manage the right freelance marketing experts for your team

Our team not only recruits top marketing talent, but also works closely with you to place the best talent tailored to your business needs.

“This was our first time using contractors and GrowTal has been an amazing resource for getting us started with a freelancer to meet our business needs. All the matches were strong candidates and we can’t say enough good things about the marketer we chose. Everything came together quickly and we really appreciated how seamless the process was!”

Katie Duke,
SVP Business Strategy & Innovation at Acorn Influence

The GrowTal process

Step 1

You tell us about about a marketing need you have, channel you want to test, or role you need to fill.

Step 2

We collect information to better understand your business, your goals, and your budget.

Step 3

You get and sign an agreement that outlines how the partnership with Growtal and the freelancer will work.

Step 4

Our team reviews our network of pre-vetted freelancers and identifies 2-4 potential candidates.

Step 5

You make the final call and select the person you’d like to work with. We can also make a recommendation for you.

Step 6

The work begins. You can have a freelancer working with you in as little as seven business days.

GrowTal saves you time and money by helping you find and hire the right marketing freelancers for your business

By the numbers


Salary Savings

1 Week

To Hire an Expert

0 Risk

Pre-Vetted Experts
You Can Trust


Roles Available

Some of the brands GrowTal marketers have worked with

Why companies partner with GrowTal

GrowTal is perfect for businesses that aren’t quite ready to hire full-time, haven’t been able to find the right people on their own, or aren’t sure yet if investing in digital marketing is the right next step to take to fuel business growth.

We know how to find the right people.

Our team has personal experience working in the digital marketing industry and know which questions to ask when evaluating freelancers.

We take time to vet every person in our network.

We take every freelancer through an extensive vetting process to ensure we are only sending the best and most skilled candidates to our clients.

Our freelancers get agency-level access.

Our freelancers get agency-level access to platforms like Facebook. This means they can get direct support from someone at Facebook if any issues arise.

Whether you need a Facebook Media Buyer, Email Marketer, or an interim CMO, we have the perfect match for you — guaranteed.