Interim CMOs for hire

GrowTal connects you with experienced interim CMOs who can help you build and execute growth strategies, acquire more customers, launch new products, build brand awareness, secure local and national press, establish partnerships, hire marketing team members, set budgets, and test channels. The main responsibility of an interim CMO is to give you the guidance you need to understand how and where to invest marketing dollars to get the best return possible. Great CMOs are strategic and creative, but they also know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.


How can an interim CMO help your business?

A skilled interim CMO can evaluate the current state of your business and help you decide which steps to take to move the needle. 

A CMO can help you: 

  • Build comprehensive digital marketing strategies
  • Test paid and organic channels
  • Recruit, interview, hire, and mentor marketers
  • Establish budgets by channel
  • Analyze website analytics and marketing performance data
  • Design and launch go-to-market campaigns
  • Develop PR strategies
  • Build decks and report to board members and investors
  • Collaborate with other executives and departmental leaders at the company
  • Work closely with sales leaders to create sales collateral 
  • Optimize the sales funnel and the customer lifecycle 
  • Launch paid advertising campaigns
  • Reduce customer churn and customer acquisition costs 

A CMO can help you understand and prioritize efforts and budget by channel.

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Who should hire an interim CMO?

GrowTal places top CMOs at companies of all sizes and across many industries. Companies that hire interim CMOs typically do so for a few reasons:

  1. They don’t have the time, budget, or need to hire a full-time CMO yet. 
  2. They have an immediate team or project need that requires a skilled marketing leader
  3. They need someone who can help prioritize channels and allocate resources accordingly. 
  4. They need regular access to an expert with deep knowledge and experience running point on strategy, workshops, and execution.

Why hire an interim CMO through GrowTal?

Finding qualified CMOs is not easy. The biggest reason why is because most CMOs work full-time for brands. The skill level of those who are open to freelancing as a CMO can vary greatly. Some CMOs may not have personal experience working in the channels you want to test.

You can waste a lot of time writing a job description, interviewing candidates, checking references, and onboarding your final pick only to find out that they didn’t actually have the right knowledge or experience needed for your project. 

GrowTal eliminates these headaches and more by owning the entire process for you. The CMOs who join our network are qualified on paper, but we don’t just take their word for it—we go the extra mile to ensure they can think and act strategically to solve the challenges businesses like yours face on a daily basis.

How we source interim CMOs

We find talent through our own network. 

Our team is well-connected in the marketing industry, and we’ve worked with and for a lot of talented people in past jobs. We regularly ask industry friends, former coworkers, and past employers to introduce us to the best marketing leaders they’ve worked with. 

This puts us in a unique position to quickly connect businesses in need with people we personally know and trust. The ease of our model also allows us to bring highly experienced professionals into our network who are working full-time jobs and might otherwise never think to take on contract work. 

Getting access to these types of leadership experts is incredibly difficult without a partner like GrowTal.

Our process for pre-vetting interim CMOs

We take every person we meet through a rigorous pre-vetting process before deciding whether or not to add them to our network and make them available to clients.

Here’s how the vetting process works when we’re evaluating CMOs:

Step 1

Reputation & Resume Evaluation

We evaluate the reputation, resume, and writing samples of the person being considered to better understand their experience and past performance.

Step 2

Initial Gut Check Conversation

We perform an initial discovery call to hear more from the freelancer. We can usually tell within a few minutes if they will be a good fit for the type of work and quality we and our clients expect.

Step 3

Deeper Experience-Based Interview

We take CMO candidates through deeper questions to understand their approach to digital marketing and customer acquisition. We also spend time evaluating their problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and overall professionalism. For C-suite level people who have mainly been in strategy and managerial positions, we’re looking for high-impact, multi-channel, strategic capabilities and previous experience. Oftentimes we’ll be looking at who can be leveraged more generally vs. someone who has a great deal of experience in a niche like travel or healthcare.

Step 4

Final Evaluation by an Industry Expert

After the interview is complete, we gather our notes, meet as a team, and leave it up to one of our subject matter experts to decide if the candidate is a good fit for the GrowTal network. 

You can learn more about each of these steps by reading through this article on our blog.

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GrowTal is the easiest way to access great CMOs available for hire. Don’t leave it up to chance—know with certainty that you’re hiring someone who has the marketing experience and leadership abilities needed to help you grow your business.

“This was our first time using contractors and GrowTal has been an amazing resource for getting us started with a freelancer to meet our business needs. All the matches were strong candidates and we can’t say enough good things about the marketer we chose. Everything came together quickly and we really appreciated how seamless the process was!”

– Katie Duke,

SVP Business Strategy & Innovation at Acorn Influence

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