The First 5 Marketing Hires Every Startup Should Make

Starting a company is easy. Building a thriving business is much harder. Success doesn’t come from recognizing a problem and solving it—it comes when people know you exist, understand what you do, believe you can deliver, and are persuaded to buy.  As you look toward 2022, you may be realizing that now is the time […]

Managing a Remote Marketing Team: 8 Tips to Guarantee Your Success

The relationship between employers and employees is changing. Technology, the pandemic, and the way young people approach work are all factors that are contributing to more people choosing to work from the comfort and safety of their own home—sometimes indefinitely.  This presents new challenges and opportunities for business owners and marketing leaders. On the one […]

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

It’s been a crazy year, to say the least. The arrival of COVID-19, the rise of Zoom meetings, and the mass destigmatization of remote work have all led to a massive uptick in the number of businesses looking to hire freelance experts. The number of people accepting freelance projects has also grown dramatically as a […]

How We Pre-Vet Marketing Experts

Hiring freelancers is easy, but hiring qualified marketing experts who can actually make an impact on your business? That’s a much more challenging task.  Why?  Because everyone and anyone can and does call themselves a freelancer these days, no matter what kind of experience or qualifications they have. For the average business owner, it can […]

How to Build and Implement a Winning Covid-19 Holiday Marketing Strategy

The holiday shopping season is nearly upon us. It’s that time of year when every article you read for the next few weeks will give you the same advice offered every year: You. Need. To. Plan. Ahead.  But this year isn’t like previous years.  This year we’re facing challenges that most businesses and consumers have […]

How to Supercharge B2B Growth Through Marketing Automation

You may have marketing automation technology in your organization right now, but chances are you are underutilizing it. And if you don’t have it, then you definitely need it. Every year, Hubspot conducts research on capturing the return on investment its customers have experienced from marketing and selling with their software. The research covers the […]

What is a Marketing Generalist?

If you’re thinking about testing a new channel or building out a marketing team, but you’re unsure where to start, you might want to consider hiring a marketing generalist to set you on the right path.  This article will help you understand what a marketing generalist is, what kind of work they do, who they […]

Top 10 Mistakes Amateur Facebook Advertisers Make

With 2.85 billion people logging into and using the platform every month, Facebook remains one of the best social channels you can leverage when trying reach and nurture a customer base.  But it doesn’t come without challenges.  If you’re new to Facebook advertising, one thing you’ll learn early on is that mistakes are easy to make and […]

Why More Companies Are Using GrowTal to Build Their Digital Marketing Teams

The way we work is changing.  In the past, if you wanted to build a strong, talented marketing team to help you grow your business, you needed to recruit, interview, and hire full-time employees. The people you hired needed to live in the same city where your office was located, and they needed to work […]

4 Ways Master Facebook Marketers Use Creative Testing to Increase Ad Performance

When you’re investing in paid channels like Facebook, it is important to have, what we like to call a “creative hacking” process in place. Creative hacking is the process of systematically editing creative assets to produce and test new creative, all while using the data gathered to increase performance. Our expert freelance marketers at GrowTal […]